iOS 8 Unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference

iOS 8 for iPhone 4S or newer, the iPad 2 or newer, and the 5th gen iPod touch Releases this Fall Earlier today, Apple unveiled iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco and we thought you’d like to know some of what’s to come when that update is released this coming Fall. If you

Help! My iPhone 4 Won’t Turn On

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 by

I woke up this morning and my Verizon Wireless iPhone was off, I thought, Hum, did I forget to charge it? No , I remember it was at 85% full charge. Well that’s strange , Why is my iPhone not turning on. No matter what I do, It just wont come on, Ok I am getting worried

iOS 5.1 to replace 5.0.1 Today iOS 5.1 has finally been released as well as a new iTunes  The iTunes is ok to update to if you really want to.  Myself, I do not update unless A. Something is not working right and this will fix it. or B. I really like a