HTC is becoming a very well-known brand of electronics around the world. They’ve been pushing the current limits of what portable electronic devices can do and what they are capable of. HTC is especially well versed with mobile telephone technology and, as such, has a relatively large presence in the global cell phone market. If you

Android Repair

Monday, 28 January 2013 by
Android Repair

Do you have a problem with your Android phone? Are you down because your Android phone doesn’t look like it did when you first got it? Does the thought of signing a new two year contract for a new Android phone make you anxious? Well, you’re not alone! CCRepairz is here to save you hundreds of dollars by renewing

Apple vs HTC up for Presidential Review

Thursday, 22 December 2011 by

That’s right. According to Stephen Lawson of IDG News, the U.S. International Trade Commission sent their order to block the importation of some HTC products due to patent infringement to President Barack Obama who could actually overturn the ITC’s order. If the Presidential review allows the decision to stand, starting April 19, 2012, HTC will