HTC is becoming a very well-known brand of electronics around the world. They’ve been pushing the current limits of what portable electronic devices can do and what they are capable of. HTC is especially well versed with mobile telephone technology and, as such, has a relatively large presence in the global cell phone market. If you

Android Repair

Monday, 28 January 2013 by
Android Repair

Do you have a problem with your Android phone? Are you down because your Android phone doesn’t look like it did when you first got it? Does the thought of signing a new two year contract for a new Android phone make you anxious? Well, you’re not alone! CCRepairz is here to save you hundreds of dollars by renewing

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cracked Screen Repair

When it comes to your Samsung Galaxy S3, several things can go wrong with regard to mishandling the Samsung Galaxy S3 itself, including a cracked screen.  The first reaction you might have to this is to go out and buy a new phone no matter how new your Samsung Galaxy S3 was, but you should instead consider

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is Ready

Friday, 23 December 2011 by
Computer World, Android 4.0 upgrade list: Is your device getting Ice Cream Sandwich?

Today the resident Android Geek at the Computerworld blog, JR Raphael, updated the Android 4.0 Upgrade List. Android 4.0? Yes. Back in late October Google unveiled Android 4.0 under the name Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Here’s a little bit about it from JR: Android 4.0 introduces the biggest changes Google’s mobile platform has seen since the