ipad water damage-repairDid you iPad take a dip without your permission?

What should you do?

1. Try to turn your iPad off (if possible) .

2. Get that iPad  to CCRepairz  ASAP!!


CCRepairz has a 98% Success rate in fixing water damaged iPads. If you have important data on your iPad, the faster you bring it in, the better chance you give your iPad of a full recovery from water damage!

CCR’s water damage repair includes diagnostic and ultrasonic cleaning. We do our best to complete the repair with only cleaning and most of the time no further work is required and no additional parts are needed. If additional parts are necessary these will have to be purchased in addition to the water damage repair charge.

We guarantee the device will either be fully functional or functional upon the replacement of the requested damaged parts. On rare occasions the device will not be repairable, in which case you will not be charged for the service.

You know our motto at CCR : IF WE CAN’T FIX IT, YOU DON’T PAY!