Get A Faster Computer By Upgrading To A Solid State Drive (SSD)

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Upgrading To A Solid State Drive

How A Solid State Drive Can Speed Up Your Computer

Is your computer slow? Does it take a long time to start programs? Do you find yourself wishing for a faster computer without having to lose any of your information? A solid state drive (or SSD for short) will give you that speed with no moving parts. From start up to shut down, you will notice the drastic difference a speed. CCRepairz can upgrade your computer or laptop, running any operating system, to an SSD today!

Why Your Current Hard Drive Isn’t Cutting It

Compared to a solid state drive, hard disk drives have to do a lot more work to make your computer run. A hard drive disk (or HDD for short) has magnetic parts that are read by a spinning plate. Every time you want to preform an action, this process must take place. However with an SSD, information can be read from any part of the hard drive at any time. With less on its plate to physically do, your computer will run smoother. That is why by upgrading to a SSD, you have the potential to make your computer 200 times faster than it is right now.

What Is A Solid State Drive?

SSD stands for solid state drive. Unlike an HDD, SDDs have no movable parts. Flash Chips allow for solid state drives to relay data from any point. This is what makes a solid state drive so much quicker than the hard disk drive that you’re currently working with. If the speed of your computer is one of your concerns, without question you should make this upgrade. CCRepairz is happy to help you replace that old hard drive with a SSD.

At CCRepairz we don’t just repair broken computers. We make the ones that work, work better. Contact us via our web form or call us at (702) 979-0033 to schedule your solid state drive upgrade appointment today!

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