Help! My iPhone 4 Won’t Turn On

by / Wednesday, 07 March 2012 / Published in News, Questions, Repairz

I woke up this morning and my Verizon Wireless iPhone was off, I thought, Hum, did I forget to charge it? No , I remember it was at 85% full charge. Well that’s strange , Why is my iPhone not turning on. No matter what I do, It just wont come on, Ok I am getting worried now because I really need my iPhone to work right now. I called Apple and they said i have to pay for tech support because my 90 day free support is up. REALLY! Let me see if my computer is working! Yep , internet is working so I will see if I can find an iPhone repair shop near by so they can fix it. Here is one, CCRepairz, and they are five-star rated. Let me call them. Great! CCRepairz of Henderson said they know what it is and they can fix it in 15 Min for a great low price, I am on my way CCR.

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