Upgrading To A Solid State Drive

How A Solid State Drive Can Speed Up Your Computer Is your computer slow? Does it take a long time to start programs? Do you find yourself wishing for a faster computer without having to lose any of your information? A solid state drive (or SSD for short) will give you that speed with no

Is the iPhone 7 Worth the Upgrade?

Thursday, 22 September 2016 by
Is the iPhone 7 Worth the Upgrade?

What’s new in the iPhone 7? When it comes to your phone, it’s fun to have the newest gadgets, but changing phones can be a hassle. You may be asking yourself, “What’s new (compared to the previous iPhone 6 models) in the iPhone 7?”. Deciding whether an upgrade is worth the money and effort can

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iPhone 6, What's New Compared to the iPhone 5 Models?

Should You Upgrade to iPhone 6 or 6s from an iPhone 5 Model? If you still have one of the iPhone 5 models, you may be wondering if an upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6s is worth it–especially if your phone is still working just fine. In this post we’re going to check out

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Get your iPad Repairs in Las Vegas from CCRepairz!

Are you looking for affordable iPad Repairs in Las Vegas? Have you, like so many others, recently discovered that the “insurance” on your iPad doesn’t cover everything? Did you know that the deductible on many service contracts is often equal to (and sometimes even more than) the cost of an iPad Repair? Most people don’t realize

Help! My iPhone 4 Won’t Turn On

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 by

I woke up this morning and my Verizon Wireless iPhone was off, I thought, Hum, did I forget to charge it? No , I remember it was at 85% full charge. Well that’s strange , Why is my iPhone not turning on. No matter what I do, It just wont come on, Ok I am getting worried

iOS 5.1 to replace 5.0.1 Today iOS 5.1 has finally been released as well as a new iTunes  The iTunes is ok to update to if you really want to.  Myself, I do not update unless A. Something is not working right and this will fix it. or B. I really like a

One of A Kind iPhone

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 by

I just received my Tax refund, and Now I am on my way to buy my first iPhone ever. I am so excited that I can hardly control myself, The only thing is, when I search on the Web, the only Colors i can choose from is White, or Black. To be honest, i am not fond of any

Where Can I Get My 4s Unlocked

Thursday, 23 February 2012 by

Well the boy’s at CCRepairz have done it again. I Left My iPhone 4s on top of my car and drove off to lunch, by the time I remembered, My iPhone had fallen into a busy intersection and had been run over by several car’s, OUCH! With nothing to fear, I took it to CCR in Henderson where I take all

I live in Las Vegas Nv. and have been looking for a repair shop to bring my samsung Galaxy S II because my screen is Shattered! Although i live in Summerlyn, There is a repair shop in Henderson that my friends are talking a lot about, saying things like, WOW! i took my shattered ipad

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is Ready

Friday, 23 December 2011 by
Computer World, Android 4.0 upgrade list: Is your device getting Ice Cream Sandwich?

Today the resident Android Geek at the Computerworld blog, JR Raphael, updated the Android 4.0 Upgrade List. Android 4.0? Yes. Back in late October Google unveiled Android 4.0 under the name Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Here’s a little bit about it from JR: Android 4.0 introduces the biggest changes Google’s mobile platform has seen since the